Sales Channels: B2B, B2C & POS

Start working with Qblue Inventory, which has everything you need to manage your sales orders, inventory and integration with Xero.

Wholesale & Retail

Qblue Inventory provides a robust interface for managing hundreds of sales orders for both wholesale business-to-business (B2B) and retail business-to-consumer (B2C) customers.

Quote To Invoice

Easy to create quotes and fun to manage them on Qblue Inventory. Our built-in workflow helps to streamline the quote to invoice process and our color-coding system alerts expiring quotes.

Multichannel Orders

Centralize the management of all sales orders from different sales channels in one place. Import orders directly from Shopify, Trade Me and instantly view inventory availability.

Qblue Inventory Sales Orders Management

Sales Orders Management

Qblue Inventory offers a robust interface for managing sales orders for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.

The B2B sales process is simplified and streamlined from quoting to invoicing, saving you time. We also integrate with Starshipit and GoSweetSpot to reduce data entry errors and speed up the preparation of shipping consignments.

Central Management Hub

Effective inventory management across multiple sales channels is a must in today's online environment.

Qblue Inventory acts as a central hub, providing a clear picture of which items are selling through which channels. It serves as a single source of truth.

When products are sold out or replenished, Qblue Inventory automatically updates the sales channels.

Qblue Inventory Channel Management
Qblue Inventory Point Of Sale

Point of Sale (POS)

Do you want a point-of-sale that works with smartphones, tablets and desktops? Try our POS as it was designed to work on any devices that has connections to the Internet. It's ideal for mobile trucks, pop-up stores, trade shows, and in-store sales.

Integration With Freight Providers

Qblue Inventory automates the flow of shipping addresses with Go Sweet Spot and Starshipit. Our customers have been enjoying the following benefits:

  • No more double entry, staff is happy
  • Minimal data entry errors
  • Reconcile shipping costs to ensure they're correctly priced
  • Instant access to track & trace information
Qblue Inventory Integration With Freight Providers

Key Features

We integrate with Xero, Shopify, nopCommerce, WooCommerce, Trade Me, Starshipit,
Go Sweet Spot and more.

Manage Everything About Your Inventory In One Central Place.

When you subscribe to Qblue Inventory, our team will support you throughout the entire implementation process, from data import to go-live management.