Qblue Inventory Omni-channel Retail Solutions

Sales orders management, stock control and integrations


Mobile friendly -

Qblue Inventory is a responsive web application, it was engineered from ground-up to work with different devices especially with smartphones. Access the secure Qblue web application on your IOS or Android phone from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Qblue Inventory products on mobile
Qblue Inventory sales orders on mobile

Management of multi-channel product feeds and prices -

Qblue Inventory integrates with Trade Me and Shopify. We are also working on integrations with BigCommerce, WIX, eBay, Amazon and others. You can choose products to go into each channel feed and whether to leave the prices as defaults, or override each.

Data synchronization is controlled manually by you. Some integrations have their own configuration settings – for example, with Shopify you can connect up to 5 stores.

Sales orders management -

Qblue Inventory can handle a large volume of sales orders, whether they are orders keyed in, imported, or downloaded from the integrated channels. To make shipping easier and faster, we integrate with freight providers like Starshipit and Go Sweet Spot.

Reconcile Trade Me settlements-

Qblue integrates with Trade Me by connecting directly to their API, this makes it easy to manage Trade Me listings, orders and payments...

For Ping & Afterpay bank settlements, Qblue provides a reconciliation tool that shows you:

  • what amounts are banked
  • what each amount is related to which order and which customer
  • a matching accounting sales journal that includes sales, shipping, cost of goods sold and inventory
  • the sales journal gets uploaded onto Xero for fast bank reconciliation...

Watch the video below to see how it works

Custom-made software -

Wanting to change or customize some parts of the system to better suit your current processes? Just send us a note, and we’ll meet with you to provide a comprehensive quote.

We have over 20 years of experience in developing commercial & business software applications:

  • CRM
  • Inventory & warehouse management
  • Manufacturing
  • Procurement
  • Data analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Accounting systems
  • System automation
  • Contract work
  • Upgrade legacy systems to cloud:
    • Excel
    • Access

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