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Documents & files
Multiple shipping addresses

Built-in CRM

Qblue Inventory comes with a CRM module that is included with all plans. It provides you with the tools you need to manage your customer relationships without the need for a separate system.

It comes with the following tools:
  • Leads scoring
  • Opportunities with stages and quotes
  • Contact persons
  • Companies records including customers and suppliers
  • Documents, notes and files
  • Calendar-enabled tasks that can be exported to Google Calendar or Outlook
  • Drag & drop functions

CRM dashboard

A CRM statistics summary includes the number of new customers, opportunities won, sales funnel, and many other metrics.

CRM dashboard

Lead scoring

Each new lead can be assigned a score type as well as a percentage score. There are four types: hot, warm, cold, and frozen. These can be edited and customized to meet your needs.

Qblue Inventory supports drag-and-drop, making it simple to move a lead from one score to another.

Lead scoring

Opportunity management

Aids your company in the management of upcoming projects or deals in the pipeline. With the board format, you can easily see how each opportunity is progressing, from preparation to follow-up.


Notes and tasks

Our simple notes and tasks are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Take notes, upload photos, and prepare a task to be followed up on later during your visit to your customer.

In addition, if you own a service company, use tasks to distribute your work schedules.

Because Qblue software was designed to work on both smart phones and desktop computers, you can use your mobile phone to operate it.

CRM tasks

Calendar events

Set a reminder date and time for tasks, and when they are finished, set a completion date and time. You can later view the total time spent on each task.

The task calendar appointment can also be exported to your Google or Outlook calendars.

CRM tasks