Inventory Control

Real-time updates

All inventory postings are instantly updated in real-time throughout the system.

Local currency purchase orders are immediately received into inventory and made available for sale.

Whereas for overseas foreign currency purchase orders, these can be entered into a landed cost calculation which posts and receives the items into inventory.

Accurate inventory in every location

Qblue Inventory can handle a high volume of products while maintaining system performance.

Each product can have multiple locations, and inventory levels are accurately tracked and maintained.

There are safeguards in place to ensure the integrity of each transaction posting, which is either successful or unsuccessful with a message.

Product inventory & locations

Barcodes scanning

A product can have multiple barcodes assigned to it, but each barcode is uniquely stored in the system.

A type can be assigned to barcodes, which include:

  • GTIN
  • EAN
  • Code39
  • Code128
  • UPC
Product barcodes & types

Custom product attributes

Qblue Inventory allows up to ten customizable product attributes and two custom categories for each product type.

These are used in pages and reports as filters.

Product attributes

Forecast and replenish

Keeping a good supply of inventory on hand to meet customer demands is a challenging task. As a result, inventory forecasting and replenishment processes are both critical.

Qblue Inventory allows for the quick and efficient replenishment of required quantities. It works by calculating the current inventory levels, reserved inventory, incoming inventory, and the trigger minimum values. It also gives you a statistical demand view (premium) to ensure that the process accounts for any seasonal spikes.

Statistical demand view