Simple yet powerful inventory software

Essential tools for you to manage your business on inventory, customers, sales and integrations with multiple sales channels


Paying too much for inventory management software?

Introducing Qblue Inventory, our new inventory management software. It is simple to use and it has the essential day-to-day tools for retail & wholesale businesses - including integrations with multiple sales channels like Shopify.

At Qblue, we strive to be simple & cost-effective so you save time and money.

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A selection of our integrations:

Affordable business management software;

All our tools are available online on the cloud;

Access our tools securely anywhere in the world – you just need a connection to the Internet. We promote and use Microsoft development technologies and actively follow their Security Development Lifecycle practices to ensure our platform is secure.

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About Zeablue;

We are a New Zealand software company with a focus on creating simple but powerful software to help organisations, from small to large, achieve successful business ventures.

We have over 20 years of experience in commercial & business software applications. These include CRM, point of sale, inventory management and EDI.

During the August lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we saw many businesses resort to online e-Commerce for sales, so to help with the rising online trade activities we sought to produce an inventory system. This reliable and affordable system would be easy for managing customers and products & sales orders from a single database integrating to multiple sales channels. From there, Zeablue was born.

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Auckland, New Zealand