Sales Channels: B2B, B2C & POS

Start working with Qblue Inventory, which has everything you need to manage your sales orders, inventory and integration with Xero.

Wholesale & Retail

Qblue Inventory provides a robust interface for managing hundreds of sales orders for both wholesale business-to-business (B2B) and retail business-to-consumer (B2C) customers.

Quote To Invoice

Easy to create quotes and fun to manage them on Qblue Inventory. Our built-in workflow helps to streamline the quote to invoice process and our colour-coding system alerts expiring quotes.

Multichannel Orders

Centralise the management of all sales orders from different sales channels in one place. Import orders directly from Shopify, Trade Me and instantly view inventory availability.

Key Integrations

Qblue Inventory Quotes

Manage Quotes and Sales Orders Efficiently!

Are you looking for software that can handle both wholesale and retail? You've come to the right place. Qblue Inventory provides a powerful interface for handling sales orders for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumers (B2C).

  • Auto save feature: worry-free coffee breaks during large orders
  • Simplified and streamlined sales order process
  • User driven statuses: handy to have
  • Fast searching functions and colouring filters
  • Auto tags when emailing quotes and orders
  • View inventory availabilities instantly
  • Create and link purchase orders handy for dropshopping
  • Direct freight integration: save time and less human errors
  • Flexible and convenient multiple customer shipping addresses
  • Quote revisions: always know what's quoted vs changed
  • Link quotes to CRM opportunities
  • Add products to order in bulk
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Order Management Features

B2B Portal Multi-Currency
Kitsets or Bundles Wholesale (B2B)
Bulk Order Invoicing Point of Sale (POS)
Freight Integrations Quotes
Batch Tracking Packing Lists
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Wholesale B2B Portal

Making online ordering simple for your customers. Once a customer logs in, they access their own prices and products and place orders at their leisure. Customers can place orders from anywhere using their laptop, iPads, or smartphones.

  • Increase sales volume
  • Larger orders
  • Retain and attract more customers
  • Customer driven experience
  • Lower operating costs hence higher ROI

Sales Portal for iPads/tablets

Better client interaction with our sales portal add-on - it's super beneficial for sales reps and business owners visiting customers onsite.

It is a portable product catalogue that you can

  • Take it to trade shows, exhibitions and business trips
  • View customer & product details
  • Check live stock levels
  • Take orders while you are meeting with customers
Qblue Inventory Point Of Sale

Point of Sale (POS)

Do you want a point-of-sale that works with smartphones, tablets and desktops? Try our POS as it was designed to work on any devices that has connections to the Internet. It's ideal for mobile trucks, pop-up stores, trade shows, and in-store sales.

Integration With Freight Providers

Qblue Inventory automates the flow of shipping addresses with Go Sweet Spot and Starshipit. Our customers have been enjoying the following benefits:

  • No more double entry, staff is happy
  • Minimal data entry errors
  • Reconcile shipping costs to ensure they're correctly priced
  • Instant access to track & trace information
Qblue Inventory Integration With Freight Providers
Qblue Inventory Email Template

Tailored Email Templates

Customise the email templates to suit your business style.

The system automatically adds the tracking information for the shipment to the email. Other details include:

  • Invoice or quote number
  • Contact first name
  • Customer name
  • Document type invoice or credit note
  • Shipment method

Key Features

We integrate with Xero, Shopify, nopCommerce, WooCommerce, Trade Me, Starshipit,
Go Sweet Spot and more.

Manage Everything About Your Inventory In One Central Place.

When you subscribe to Qblue Inventory, our team will support you throughout the entire implementation process, from data import to go-live management.